OMX and Fundica have developed a funding identification tool (FIT) designed for the aerospace-defence industry.

The two companies, one specializing in online marketplace connections and the other in funding identification opportunities, launched FIT on Monday as part of a new partnership.

The free tool, available on both company’s websites, is intended to helps Canadian and foreign aerospace and defence companies identify, apply for and benefit from funding opportunities that exist across Canada.

According to a press release, the tool provides access to 97 percent of all applicable public and private sector funding opportunities – including tax credits, grants, loans and equity – and is kept up-to-date by an automated web bot, a dedicated research team, and directly by funders. Users can sort and filter to fit their corporate needs.

“Canadian government agencies at all levels – federal, provincial and municipal – have created world-leading funding programs in order to stimulate domestic industries and attract foreign investment,” said Fundica president Mike Lee. “However, identifying, tracking and fully leveraging these programs along with the private sector aerospace and defence investors can be a daunting task for managers. By partnering with OMX, we have been able to merge our expertise in funding with their knowledge of the aerospace-defence sector. The result is a powerful tool – entirely free of charge – that offers considerable value to any Canadian or foreign company active in this sector.”

Nicole Verkindt, president of OMX, emphasized the benefits to Canadian companies and foreign investors and highlighted the value of the partnership. “Partnering with Fundica will allow us to bring OMX’s expertise in collecting and analyzing data in the aerospace-defence industry as we assist our clients to meet their business goals. [FIT] will certainly make a difference for companies in the industry, particularly SMEs actively seeking to grow their businesses into high tech and international supply chains – maximizing the leverage and ultimately the economic benefits to Canada in the long-term. And that’s what we are all about at OMX,” she said.

The free tool can be accessed through or used within a third-party site as a standalone widget: