And now the case for interoperability, please
Regarding the article by Marco Wyss and Alex Wilner (Dec/Jan 2012), although I believe that the F-35 is not the best choice for Canada, I would like to compliment you on your article in support of the F-35.

Having read numerous arguments both for and against the F-35, your article was one of the best I have read. You make a compelling, concise argument using plain English. Well done. Stephen Harper and Peter Mackay might want to adopt the same approach.

Having said that, I still don’t agree with you. The buzz word commonly used to argue in favour of the F-35 is ”interoperability”. You and others state that unless all allied air forces fly the same jet, we can’t all be on the same “operational” page. I have yet to see an adequate explanation of this, and until I do I believe there will never be majority support in Canada for the F-35.

Jack Morrison
Kelowna, BC