Ottawa-based Larus Technologies has introduced a unique multi-sensor, multi-source high level information fusion engine (HLIFE) that it says will revolutionize how defence contractors and system integrators “use computational intelligence to deliver optimal situational awareness to their end customers.”

“Faced with Big Data challenges in mission critical markets, today’s defence contractors and system integrators are being pressed by their end customers to deliver systems that can ingest massive amounts of data from a variety of sources and quickly provide only the most critical information to decision makers tasked with protecting lives and critical assets in operational theaters,” said Pierre Charron, the just recently appointed director of business development. “Original equipment manufacturers need a commercial solution today which can leverage high level information fusion and computational intelligence—not five years into the future. Larus Technologies has it.”

Larus Total::Insight is a collection of commercially available embedded software modules that draws on the US Department of Defense’s Joint Director of Laboratories information fusion model. It’s learning algorithms “are constantly and continually improving the quality of the information in order to optimize situational awareness,” the company said, adding that it will demo the product during this year’s CANSEC trade show in May.