In this episode of Vanguard Radio, Marcello Sukhdeo talks with Michelle Currie about C4ISR and Beyond 2018 that was held on January 30th in Ottawa. Hear more about the discussions on that day, the highlights of Rear-Admiral Bishop’s and Rear-Admiral Hawco’s presentations, Weaponizing Data and Targeting.

Show Notes:

C4ISR and Beyond is an event produced by Vanguard magazine, that brings together military and industry to interact on C4ISR capabilities, challenges, and the impact of C4ISR in Canadian military operations. This event started about a few years ago, and we’ve just concluded the 4th C4ISR and Beyond on the theme of Beyond Sensors.

In this age, where almost every electronic device can be a sensor, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of the data that is being captured rather than making full use of it. That was what this last event was built on. Additional areas that were covered, included, the environmental domains given from a military viewpoint on C4ISR, how C4ISR is being delivered through SSE, and targeting.