The end of the combat mission in Iraq of Canadian CF-18 fighter jets was marked with a parade in Kuwait presided over by Lt. Gen. Michael Hood, commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

The event, held Saturday, commemorated the contributions of CAF members who were deployed to conduct and support air operations since the beginning of Operation IMPACT.

A stop to the airstrike operations of the CF-18 Hornets was issued on February 15, 2016. The fighter planes will depart the region in a phased approach in the coming weeks.


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Air Task Force-Iraq will continue to operate aircraft in support of coalition air operations. Two CP-140 Auroras will conduct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions and a CC-150T Polaris aircraft will support coalition air assets in the region with aerial refueling.

“Canadians can be proud of the members of the Operation IMPACT Fighter Detachment, who through their professionalism and dedication, assured that the fighter contribution to the mission was expertly delivered,” said Hood.