In this episode of Vanguard Radio, J. Richard Jones talks with Col Richard Fawcett (Ret’d) about the concept of Brigade as a Platform, and where the Canadian Army is headed with the modernizing of its C4ISR capability. What are some of the risks and how they can mitigate them? 

Rick served 34 years in the Canadian Armed Forces and is now Director of Strategy and Customer Engagement, Land and Joint Solutions at General Dynamics Mission Systems – Canada, with a focus on supporting the Canadian Army’s Land Command Support System.  

During his military career, he served in a variety of command and staff appointments, locally in Canada and also internationally with both NATO and the United Nations. After a long and successful career with the Canadian Armed Forces, Rick retired in January 2013. A year later, he joined General Dynamics as the Director of Business Development focusing on Canadian land and joint markets. His responsibilities today are primarily on the Canadian Army, engaging with the customer in support of both current and future programs. He also supports international opportunities with customer engagement.

Hear about the origin of Brigade as a Platform concept, why it is being introduced now, where the Canadian Army is with its C4ISR solutions, a look at the future, and the modernizing of the Army’s C4ISR capabilities, risks and how could they mitigate them and how General Dynamics is approaching future programs.