Belgium is the latest country to select the F-35 to fulfill the need of replacing its aging fleet. The announcement that was made yesterday would see the replacement of the country’s F-16 jets with the F-35 built by Lockheed Martin.

A statement from Lockheed Martin says that the company is honoured by the Belgian government’s selection of the F-35A Lightning II for their future national security needs. “We look forward to supporting the U.S. government in delivering the F-35 program to meet the requirements of the Belgian government.”

Belgium Selection Video by Lockheed Martin

Belgium is the 13th country to join the F-35 program by selecting 34 F-35A Lightning II aircraft for its future fighter acquisition program. This according to Lockheed Martin is “a testament to the government’s confidence in the program and its industrial benefits.”

“The 5th generation F-35 delivers unmatched value as the most capable, lowest life-cycle cost aircraft with the strongest industrial participation opportunity. With each new customer, the F-35 continues to enhance global security, strengthen critical alliances and drive economic growth.”