Canada’s Combat Ship Team, led by Lockheed Martin Canada, was selected last Friday as the preferred bidder to provide the design for the Royal Canadian Navy’s future Canadian Surface Combatants (CSC).

The Team’s proposal is based on BAE Systems’ Type 26 Global Combat Ship (GCS) design, which is currently being constructed in the UK. Other members of the team include CAE, L3 Technologies, MDA, and Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems Inc.

The Government of Canada and Irving Shipbuilding Inc. made the selection, which will see the construction of up to 15 warships at Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, NS. Even though this is an important step in the procurement process for CSC, a contract has not been awarded as yet. “While this represents a significant milestone in the competitive process,” a press release from Public Services and Procurement Canada states. “More work is required before a contract is awarded.”

BAE Type 26 Global Combat Ship. Image: Canada’s Combat Ship Team.

According to PSPC, the work will include a “due diligence process,” with Lockheed Martin Canada about intellectual property rights, assessing the combat systems performance, evaluating the company’s financial capability to deliver the project and other administrative matters. In the event Lockheed Martin Canada is unable to demonstrate “to Canada and Irving Shipbuilding Inc. that it meets all of the due diligence requirements, then the next highest ranked compliant bidder will become the preferred bidder.” This new bidder selected will then have to go through the same process to prove that it can meet all of the due diligence demands.

The other bidders are Alion Science and Technology, along with its subsidiary Alion Canada, which submitted a proposal based on the Dutch De Zeven Provinciën Air Defence and Command (LCF) frigate and Navantia, a Spanish-based company, which leads a team that includes Saab and CEA Technologies. Their proposal is on the F-105 frigate, which is in service with the Spanish navy.

“We’re confident that our proposed solution meets the requirements established offering the best ship for Canada with the world’s most advanced warship design,” said Canada’s Combat Ship Team Executive Lead, Gary Fudge of Lockheed Martin Canada. He went on to add that they look forward to providing any additional information to the Government of Canada and Irving Shipbuilding.

A contract award is expected this winter, with construction beginning in the early 2020s.