In a remarkable celebration of its 100-year legacy, the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) has set a new Guinness World Record for the most landmarks illuminated within a 24-hour period. This historic achievement, accomplished on April 1, 2024, was a highlight of the RCAF’s Centennial Celebrations and showcased the unwavering dedication and service of the RCAF to Canada.

To secure this record, the RCAF faced stringent criteria from Guinness World Records regarding what constitutes a landmark. After thorough verification, Guinness World Records officials confirmed that 56 landmarks were illuminated in a single day, surpassing the previous record of 38 landmarks set in 2010. Eligible landmarks had to be recognized by UNESCO, national government registers, or notable third-party registers. The RCAF provided robust evidence, including a 10-minute timestamped video, photographs of the landmarks bathed in blue light on April 1, 2024, and corroborating witness statements.

During the RCAF Centennial Ball on June 1, 2024, in Ottawa, the Guinness World Records certificate was officially presented to Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny, RCAF Commander; Chief Warrant Officer John Hall, Command Chief Warrant Officer of the RCAF; and Captain Aaron Niles, the Strategic Planner for the RCAF Centennial Team and leader of the illumination campaign.

“We are incredibly proud to have set this Guinness World Record. This illumination event was a visual spectacle and a heartfelt tribute to RCAF personnel, past and present, who have served our country with distinction. We are grateful to all Canadians and our global partners who participated and helped us light up the nation and the world in celebration of our Centennial,” remarked Lieutenant-General Eric Kenny, Commander of the Royal Canadian Air Force and Chief of the Air Force Staff.

The illumination initiative saw over 350 sites across Canada, including landmarks, government buildings, museums, and private residences, awash in blue light—the colour symbolizing the RCAF. This event not only marked national pride but also expressed gratitude for the RCAF’s century of contributions.

BC Place and Vancouver Lookout are illuminated in Blue on April 1st, 2024, for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Centennial. BC Place and Vancouver Lookout were among the five landmarks in Vancouver which counted towards the RCAF’s successful Guinness World Record attempt for number of landmarks illuminated in 24 hours.

The record-breaking celebration extended globally, with RCAF supporters worldwide participating. Canadian embassies and international landmarks joined the initiative, lighting up in a display of global admiration and respect for the RCAF’s enduring history of excellence and service.

“To see so many people come together to celebrate the Centennial of the Royal Canadian Air Force was truly remarkable. Over the past century, the RCAF has achieved incredible feats thanks to the dedication and talent of its amazing personnel. This milestone is a testament to all who participated at home and abroad, whose unwavering support has made such achievements possible, ” expressed Colonel Margaret Jacula, Campaign Manager, RCAF 2024.

Notable Canadian landmarks like the CN Tower in Toronto and Parliament Hill in Ottawa were among those illuminated, creating a striking display of national unity and celebration.

The CN Tower in Toronto illuminated in blue on April 1st, 2024, for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) Centennial Illumination campaign. The iconic Canadian landmark was one of the 56 landmarks which counted towards the RCAF’s successful world record attempt.

As the RCAF Centennial celebrations continue throughout the year, they will feature various exciting events and activities. This significant milestone invites all Canadians to partake in the festivities and gain deeper insight into the RCAF’s vital contributions to national and global peace and security.