Outmatch Adversaries with PAN-OS 11.1 Cosmos & Strata Cloud Manager

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Securing the modern connected organization requires an integrated, unified approach. To do this, security needs to be deployed and managed holistically through a platform with each component, working together seamlessly and leveraging the power of AI to stay ahead of rapidly evolving threats. Al drives tangible customer outcomes at scale, but requires massive amounts of threat data from various sources that can only be collected through a robust infrastructure deployed globally. Of more than 8.6 billion attacks that Palo Alto Networks prevents across our customer base daily, more than 1.5 million are new and unique cyberattacks.

Current approaches to network security can’t adequately secure modern organizations with the lack of predictive, actionable insights and integration across security tools, which leads to security gaps, inconsistent policies and poor operational experiences. A unified security platform should offer complete visibility and greater operational efficiencies to users.

Palo Alto Networks Strata Cloud Manager – the industry’s first AI-powered Zero Trust management and operations solution. Strata Cloud Manager revolutionizes network security management and operations, strengthening security and proactively preventing network disruptions across all enforcement points. Our sophisticated AI-powered solution helps businesses adopt real-time best practices to improve their security posture. Strata Cloud Manager enables security teams to predict and prevent operational disruption through forecasting deployment health, reduce misconfigurations while increasing best practices usage benefit with AI-powered analysis and manage their entire network security estate centrally across all form factors.

With Palo Alto Networks Cloud Delivered Security Subscriptions, over 60,000 customers benefit from best-in-class protection against new and advanced threats. Further strengthening existing Patient Zero prevention capabilities, Advanced WildFire brings cloud-based malware detection inline to stop a file from being delivered while analysis is taking place, stopping up to 22% more zero-day malware attacks.*

We’ve introduced additional enhancements to Advanced URL Filtering, providing industry-first detection models that can prevent Man-in-the-Middle and SaaS platform-hosted phishing attacks and those that come from phishing kits. Advanced URL Filtering stops up to 88% of malicious URLs at least 48 hours before competitors, ensuring safe access to the web and real-time protection against advanced and evasive phishing attacks.

Building on the inline deep-learning capabilities launched in previous releases, we are introducing new, cloud-delivered detections in Advanced Threat Prevention to prevent 98% of command and control (C2) attacks. We’ve expanded protection against evasive C2 attacks propagated from popular red team tools with new protection against the red team tool, Empire.

Cosmos introduces new industry-first detections in DNS Security that stop advanced DNS-layer threats that use subdomains and stockpiled domains to prevent C2 attacks, data exfiltration and more. With DNS Security, Palo Alto Networks customers can gain 68% more DNS-layer threat coverage than with any other vendor.

PAN-OS 11.1 Cosmos also introduces new enhancements to our IoT and OT security product family (including Enterprise IoT Security, Medical IoT Security and Industrial OT Security) with integrated Device-ID management and policy recommendations in Strata Cloud Manager and Panorama. Palo Alto Networks customers can achieve faster time to visibility with native device discovery techniques in the NGFW, and streamline device policy workflow with device identification, risk and behavior insights all within a single management UI.

Both Strata Cloud Manager and the advancements to our Cloud-Delivered Security Services are also supported on the five new hardware platforms that we are launching today, including the 1.5Tbps PA-7500 firewall. Our industry-leading ML-Powered NGFWs bring best-of-class performance and security to emerging use cases in our customers’ diverse environments. Learn about our new hardware firewalls.

*Malware that was previously unknown to Palo Alto Networks.

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