Canadian Navy leads anti-submarine warfare drills

French Submarine Perle SSN arrives at Halifax Harbour on September 7, 2016 to take part in Exercise CUTLASS FURY. Photo: LS , Laurance Clarke 12 Wing Imaging Services, Shearwater, N.S SW08-2016-0227-024 ~ Le sous marin français Perle SSN arrive au port d’Halifax, le 7 septembre 2016, afin de participer à l’exercice CUTLASS FURY. Photo : Mat 1 Laurance Clarke, Services d’imagerie de la 12e Escadre, Shearwater, Nouvelle Écosse SW08-2016-0227-009

The Royal Canadian Navy is leading a fleet of 11 ships and approximately 25 aircraft from Canada, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States in anti-submarine warfare drills over the next two weeks.

The training activity known as Cutlass Fury 16 takes place in and around the Maritime Operating Areas off the coasts of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and St. John’s, Newfoundland, from September 12 to 26.

“Cutlass Fury 16 provides the members of Maritime Forces Atlantic with a unique opportunity to work closely with several of our NATO partners in the Atlantic to enhance operational readiness, foster greater mutual understanding, and develop relationships that will strengthen our ability to work together during times of crisis,” said Rear-Admiral John Newton, Commander Joint Task Force Atlantic and Commander Maritime Forces Atlantic. “Cutlass Fury is a unique training opportunity for all participants that will test our shore-based and at-sea personnel as they direct and respond to a range of complex training scenarios.”

Participants in the exercise will have a chance to enhance mutual understanding as participating forces train together across the spectrum of military operations with a focus on anti-submarine warfare in a joint environment.

Participation in Fury contributes to the operational readiness of the Canadian Armed Forces. Operational readiness allows the CAF to meet the likely tasks that the Government of Canada will assign.

“Cutlass Fury 16 is a chance for the Royal Canadian Navy to collaborate with our allies in a major joint exercise that layers air, maritime, land and communications elements.” said Commodore Craig Baines, Commander Canadian Fleet Atlantic. “Exercise Cutlass Fury will enhance joint NATO forces interoperability and ability to respond to real-world scenarios.”


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