The Vanguard Podcast – Episode #8

Some of Our Topics on Today’s Show:
– The government began formally accepting bids to the Fixed Wing SAR program on Monday. Airbus is proposing the C295W aircraft as a replacement for the Buffalo and Hercules.
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– We discuss a piece by Nicole Virkindt, technology editor for Vanguard and founder of OMX, in which she reports on organizations from across the country that have benefited from securing lucrative ISS contracts.
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– Vanguard also takes a look at the C-27J Spartan transport and search and rescue aircraft from Alenia. Is proposing the C-27 J as a replacement for the Buffalo in its bid for the air forces FWSAR program.
Alenia says its aircraft flies faster and higher and carries more payload at longer distances than its direct competitors. But does the C-27 J have what it takes to take on Canada’s Fixed Wing SAR demands?
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