The global C4ISR market predicted to reach $135B by 2027

A recent study by Transparency Market Research forecasts that the global C4ISR market will grow to US$ 135.80B by 2027. 

The report defines C4ISR (command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance) as “the broad classification of the military’s efforts to advance its information processes and systems for using information during war.” The growing need for electronic warfare in military and defence operations has led to the adoption of C4ISR globally and is a requisite component of military strategy and structure today.

One of the major factors that will drive the growth of the C4ISR market over the next seven years is the rise in situational awareness, which plays a significant part in military operations. Another factor is the increase in demand for next-generation IP systems for communications in combat vehicle crew, main battle tanks (MBT), and armored personal carriers (APC) among others. The increasing demand for C4ISR systems across the three main platforms of airborne, land, and naval is also predicted to grow the C4ISR market. 

Treats of terror attacks are pushing the growth of the airborne segment, while border protection and surveillance are expected to boost the land platform, and the increasing adoption of naval tactical command support systems, marine navigation systems, and others are propelling the naval segment.

The report points out that “the global C4ISR market is fragmented in nature with a large number of companies operating in the market.” Some of the major players are looking to provide technologically advanced products while others are involved in several strategic partnerships and acquisitions to expand their business globally. 

Some of the prominent players identified in the C4ISR market and profiled in the study include:

The global C4ISR market is segmented by platform type, application, and geography. 

Platform Type



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