Pratt & Whitney Canada’s new fuel sipping powerful turboprop engines

Pratt & Whitney's PT6A-140A powerful but economical turboprop engine

Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) today announced two new PT6A turboprop engines. The PT6A-140A and its PT6A-140AG variant provide 15 percent more power but consume five percent less fuel.

The new engines are the latest in P&WC’s line of PT6A engines. The family of turboprop engines was first introduced some 50 years ago. There are now some 70 PT6A engine variants today used for 125 different aircraft applications around the world.

The new engines have no mandatory requirements for warm-up or cool-down, something that allows operators to maximize their productivity and efficiency according to, Denis Parisien, vice-president of General Aviation at P&WC.


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The engines’ modular design and externally-mounted fuel nozzles make it the easiest engine on the market to access and maintain.The two new engines are optimized for “hot and high” environments, packing 867 mechanical shaft horsepower and 1,075 thermal mechanical shaft horsepower. They offer full-load take off at maximum power at 111 F, or 44 C.

“Simple routine engine inspections can be done while still on-wing, in the field or in the hangar, eliminating surprises, reducing costs and providing peace of mind,” he said. “More time on-wing and a predictable and planned maintenance environment mean more revenue for operators.”

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