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Thales to connect maritime awareness systems
In the information technology world, the term “middleware” describes components that allow different systems to communicate. The Interdepartmental Maritime Integrated Command, Control and Communications (IMIC3) system from Thales Canada might not be middleware, but it does create value by connecting previously dispersed systems.

Under a $11 million contract that could have an impact well beyond what the dollar amount might suggest, IMIC 3 will join up a dozen Kingston-Class maritime coastal defence vessels, 44 Coast Guard vessels, seven onshore stations (Maritime Security Operations Centers and Canadian Coast Guard Regional Operations Centers), and, with seven portable systems, reach other vessels. The navy and coast guard will use the IMIC3 system to collect and securely share information almost instantly, integrating coastal surveillance data from a variety of sources.

The Thales IMIC3 uses a network of its COMMANDER C3 nodes, connected by satellite to cover every area of maritime operations, including Canada’s north. For commanders and officials with other government departments, IMIC 3 will “provide seamless near real-time sharing of the consolidated maritime picture including contact data, messages, and geo-referenced map overlays between vessels and shore installations and will integrate into the existing government national network to provide maritime domain awareness to anywhere in Canada.”

Lockheed Martin simulated five-fire system on target
Several generations of Canadian soldiers have trained on the Lockheed Martin Direct Fire Targetry system. So it comes as no surprise that the company has received a five-year, $22 million contract to continue supporting the simulated live-fire, battlefield training system at CF bases in Gagetown, Valcartier, Petawawa and Wainwright.

The system is “a suite of interoperable, remotely controlled, static and moving targets, simulating vehicles, infantry, hostile fire and a wide range of artillery and other weapons and threats.” Lockheed Martin built the system and has been the program’s prime contractor since 1997. With options, the new contract runs until 2018.

In a release, Lockheed Martin Canada president Tom Digan said, “winning this competition validates our performance over the past 14 years. This system is critical to the training of combat-ready forces. We are proud of the work we have done and appreciate the opportunity to continue our long-term relationship with the army.”

Thales Canada has seen sales soar for its advanced Thermal Imaging Modules and Driver Vision Enhancement equipment since the beginning of the year. The equipment is used by NATO and allied forces to improve operational capabilities at night or in adverse weather and obscured battlefield conditions…

Shortly after opening a U.K. office, OSI Geospatial signed a $2.2 million contract with the MoD to provide the Navy with a fleetwide license for its tactical navigation software and systems. The company also signed a $1.4 million contract with L3 Communications to support OSI’s navigation and tactical system in the Royal Australian Navy…

Despite ongoing concerns over its eventual cost, the F-35 Lightning II conducting over 50 test flights more than originally planned in the first quarter of 2011, according to Lockheed Martin…

Davie Yards, a contender in the national shipbuilding strategy, entered into an agreement with Fincantieri of Italy and DRS Technologies Canada to negotiate its potential acquisition by an entity that would be majority-owned by Fincantieri…

EADS subsidiary Eurocopter made a bid for Canada’s Vector Aerospace that would see Eurocopter Holding acquire all of Vector’s issued and outstanding common shares…

Textron Systems, a candidate for the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle program, opened an office in Ottawa…

The U.K. MoD selected Vancouver-based NGRAIN’s Virtual Task Trainer solution to support training for the BAE Systems SA80 assault rifle…

Force Protection Industries, also in contention for the TAPV program, created a Canadian subsidiary based in Ottawa, Force Protection Survivability Solutions Canada…

MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates received a $11.7 million contract from DND to operate and maintain the Sapphire System for five years following system commissioning…

Héroux-Devtek was awarded contracts by Boeing and the U.S. Air Force and Navy for its landing gear products. The contracts are estimated at $35 million.

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