ING Robotic Aviation wins achievement award, opens new facility

ING Robotic Aviation opened a new facility in Ottawa on Monday. The new 4,000 square feet office space, which was officially opened by James Moore, Minster of Industry Canada, repurposes suburban commercial facilities to provide an integrated working environment for sales, marketing, operations production and R&D.

“This gives a focal point for our production and operations as well as a home for the back room functions,” explained Ian Glenn, the company’s CEO. “What it represents is the further development of a home-grown high-tech company that is already developing technology, creating jobs and exporting products. This is another step in our move into the commercial market.”

Formerly ING Engineering, the company made its mark with both the Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Navy, providing UAV operatings services to forces deployed in Afghanistan, on the Halifax-class frigates and elsewhere. In recent years, however, it has made steady progress into commercial applications for unmanned systems.

Two weeks ago in Montreal, ING was awarded the Unmanned Systems Canada Organizational Achievement Award for 2014, which recognized the company’s leadership in regulatory issues, its extensive and varied operational experience, and its successful pivot from the military to the commercial sector.

In opening the facility, Moore stated: “Our government’s top priority is creating jobs and opportunities in our communities. That’s why we have steadily increased direct support for research and development to help Canadian companies commercialize their innovative product throughout the planet.” ING has received significant support for the development of its robotic aircraft systems through the National Research Council’s Industrial Research Assistance Program.

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