Government needs help on Defence Procurement Strategy

Know something about procurement? Well, no pressure, but the Government of Canada is looking to shift some of the Defence Procurement Strategy onto your shoulders.

If you’ve been daydreaming of a “long-term vision for a sustainable defence sector,” it might be time to give the government a call. Details are listed below… and you can be sure, with a scope of work as this broad, there’s an enormous pile of money in your future.

For the provision of professional services to enhance the analytical foundation underlying Canada's evidence-based
approach to decision-making under its Defence Procurement Strategy (DPS). The scope of work includes: identification of
strategic national industrial priorities (Key Industrial Capabilities); articulation of a long-term vision for a 
sustainable Canadian defence sector; enhancement of Canada's capacity for defence sector research and analysis performed
independently from the Government; and strategic information, intelligence, research, analysis and advice in support of
Canada's development of approaches to leverage economic benefits from defence procurements.

The original RFP can be found by clicking on the following link:


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