First production contracts for new facility in Moncton, New Brunswick have been announced by Marshall Canada

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Marshall Land Systems Canada has a new production facility in Moncton, and they just confirmed details of their first international customers. As part of two major programmes for the Netherlands, Marshall plans to manufacture a range of specialist containers for the Dutch Armed Forces.

Work is expected to begin once the 82,000 square foot facility is fully fit out for the job in 2023. The first ‘made in Canada’ containers under the Defensiebrede Vervanging Operationele Wielvoertuigen (DVOW) and Netherlands Specialised Containers (NLSC) contracts will ultimately be deployed to support Royal Netherlands Army missions around the world.

Arlene Dunn, minister responsible for Opportunities New Brunswick (ONB) said, “the arrival of Marshall Canada in New Brunswick is very much in line with our goals of further developing the aerospace and defence sector in our province. Since its arrival, Marshall Canada has been able to secure two supply chain contracts, which will bring high-quality employment opportunities for New Brunswickers, paving the way for growth in our province.”

“We were always confident that our new facility in Moncton would act as a global hub, manufacturing for both the domestic and international market, and the fact that we are already planning to operate two of our significant Dutch contracts here in New Brunswick is a great testament to the support that we enjoyed from our partners here in the province,” commented Marshall Land Systems Managing Director Gary Moynehan.

Mr. Moynehan continued, “we would certainly not have been able to move so quickly to set up our Canadian operation without the support of Opportunities New Brunswick and Invest in Canada and therefore I am particularly delighted to have the opportunity to share our initial production plans with {Minister Dunn} at her offices in Fredericton, not far from our new facility in Moncton, New Brunswick. As we continue the fit out of the facility, we are also focussed on establishing our local supply chain and were very encouraged by the level of response and engagement at the first supplier event we ran last month with the support of the team at ONB.”

The additional business will be creating more jobs in Moncton than was originally predicted and recruitment is currently underway for the first of 90 new people that will be hired by 2024. “We had originally expected to create around 65 jobs in the initial years of operating, but we have already upped that considerably based on anticipated production volumes over the next two years and are actively recruiting for an initial 45 roles,” explained Mr. Moynehan.

In an effort to address the manufacturing skills gap in the region and develop a pipeline of talent, the Marshall Skills Academy has developed an innovative education plan that will run in parallel to its operational expansion. Their ‘earn as you learn’ training programme will work in conjunction with the University of New Brunswick and New Brunswick Community College to provide hands on learning opportunities for young people.

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