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Canada’s Gun Ban: Trudeau’s Silver Bullet is More of a Regulatory Squib

In this episode of Vanguard Radio, J. Richard Jones talks with Valarie Findlay, Research Fellow, National Police Foundation, American Society for Evidence-Based Policing about the controversial topic of Canada’s gun legislation.

Mass shootings are becoming more rampant. Many blame guns as the cause while others believe that it’s not about guns but there are other factors at play. Would implementing gun laws solve the deadly issue of mass shootings? What are the impacts of the new gun legislation, how does it affect hunters, our rights, and will it actually work?

To get a copy of Valarie’s presentation on Gun-Involved Crime and Violence: Technology, Evidenced-Based and Sociological Considerations delivered at DCJS Gun-Involved Violence Elimination Symposium in Albany, NY on Oct 15-16, 2018, go here or you can view it on YouTube.

You can connect with Valarie on Twitter @janemoneypenny.

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