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11th Annual Conference

January 28, 2025

National Arts Centre, Ottawa, ON

What is C4ISR and Beyond all about?

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C4ISR and Beyond is a one-day conference with a single goal in mind; to rally the Defence ecosystem (military, government, industry and academe) in rich dialogue around the dynamic nature of today’s military operations, assessed future trends and Industry’s ability to bridge technological deficits to the benefit of our national defence and security.

The value of this event stems from a curated set of candid keynote and panel discussions, featuring leading voices, that explore the breadth of C4ISR challenges and opportunities as militaries attempt to modernize at pace and scale. The design is highly focused, seeking to educate and inform all defence ecosystem parties, in order to grow both solutioning context and trust for tomorrow.

Why should you attend?

  • Gain a richer understanding of today’s C4ISR situation, context, strategies, plans and issues
  • Hear how technological advances combine with organizational changes to allow commanders at every level to adapt to the changing character of warfare where survivability is challenged by omnipresent ISR – pan domain
  • Hear about C4ISR focus areas, investment plans, opportunities and impediments (culture +) from military commanders and defence functional leadership in their modernization journey
  • Hear how allies and CAF see the C4ISR enterprise enabling support to civil authorities - including in a HADR setting
  • Understand the pace at which Industry is advancing technologies, the challenges in delivering capabilities and services to defence clients, and ways those are being overcome
  • Connect with known and yet to be discovered partners and practitioners in capability delivery - and find new forms of collaboration that see capabilities and results delivered across the force

Who should attend?

Leaders, operators and practitioners in government, military, industry, and academia:

Military & Government

Wherever you find yourself within Government, DND, or the profession of arms – in setting policy, strategy or the defence program, driving force development, force generation and readiness, or responsible and living ops in force employment – or across the Defence Team eco-system enabling all of these in Project management, procurement, Materiel, IT, Data, R&D, Talent and HR – this conference is for you to:

  • Understand how Industry is enabling allied militaries to gain operational advantage, today
  • Better contextualize Industry C4ISR potential in a pan-domain context, beyond your Service and function
  • Learn how allies are advancing their technological integration by partnering with Industry in a shared-risk model
  • Discover how government, DND, and CAF are striving to set conditions to deliver on digital age capabilities
  • Take a day away from the ‘urgent’, to reconnect with the bigger picture


  • Hear directly from leading defence voices in the operational and enterprise spaces
  • Connect with an array of innovators, operators, and practitioners who share a common desire to strengthen our national defence and alliance responsibilities – from the tactical edge to the strategic level
  • Use the opportunity to refine business relationships and strategies to maximize your outcomes

Research and Academia

  • Hear the latest thinking from all three sides: military practitioners (business owners), institutional functional leaders and industry executives and subject matter experts
  • Better understand how events in Ukraine, Israel, and around the world are informing contemporary defence thinking, planning, and actions – here and amongst allies
  • Leverage the chance to challenge orthodoxies, illuminate barriers to performance, and identify and pursue methods and practices that see these overcome

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Frequently Asked Questions

Registration will be closed at 5.00 pm on January 24, 2025

Group discounts applies to minimum of 4 registrants

Individuals wanting to participate in one session must register for the full conference.

You will need access to an internet - Google Chrome works best. Windows Explorer is not recommended.

Once registration is complete, refunds will not be offered.

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