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January 30, 2019

7:30 - 17:00

Ottawa, ON


C4ISR and Beyond is a one day conference that brings together stakeholders from industry, military and government to discuss lessons learned, share technological advancement and its impact within the industry.


The purpose of this event is to create a DIALOGUE between key suppliers in critical C4ISR posts and DND in a panel environment that provides meaningful instruction and information to DND on a variety of technologies, highlighting capabilities that can fit future needs.

What is C4ISR and Beyond all about?

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  • Learn about new emerging technologies and capabilities that can help solve challenges of interoperability.
  • Hear from military personnel on what Canada is looking to invest in better support and enhance its C4ISR systems.
  • Understand how C4ISR is being used as a valuable tool to protect civilians.
  • Hear about unique and innovative C4ISR technology solutions that can make defence and security operations more effective, mobile and independent. 
  • Networking opportunity.

Why should you attend?

C4ISR and Beyond 2018

Executives in government, military and industry:

  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • System Integrators
  • Requirements Teams
  • Strategic Planners
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Research and Development
  • Development and preparation of Submission Materials
  • General Management

Who should attend?


With multiple network breaks, receptions and sit-down meals, you have ample opportunities to connect with your desired audience. Partake in the conference sessions and gain firsthand insights on what the industry is looking for so you can better position your product and/or service offerings.


Demonstrate your company’s expertise and authority with a customized speaking platform. The opportunity to participate directly in delivering educational content increases receptivity to your brand and sales efforts. Be top of mind when industry practitioners are looking for advice and solutions.


Consider the marketing exposure you will receive through our print and digital efforts, both internally and via our media partnerships. You will get weeks of pre-event exposure to your target audience. Think of it as a consolidated media buy.

Why Sponsor?

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