Boeing delivers 5th Chinook

Boeing announced last week that it had delivered the fifth of 15 new CH-147F Chinook helicopters to the Royal Canadian Air Force, well ahead of schedule. The RCAF took possession of the first Chinnok in June and was anticipating approximately one per month. Boeing is expected to deliver seven by the end of 2013 and eight more by June 2014.

Boeing is also providing in-service support to the CH-147F fleet for the next 20 years under a performance-based logistics contract.

“The Canadian Chinook is one of the most advanced military cargo helicopters ever delivered to the global market, and Boeing has executed the program on or ahead of schedule for every major milestone since contract award,” said Steve Parker, Boeing director of International Chinook Programs and Canada CH-147F program manager. “These early deliveries are another example of the H-47 team’s dedication to providing this important capability to the RCAF.”

The CH-147F Chinook is an advanced, multi-mission helicopter that features a modernized airframe with a long-range fuel system allowing it to fly twice as far as standard range models. An upgraded electrical system provides additional power and redundancy, while a fully integrated Common Avionics Architecture System cockpit and Digital Automatic Flight Control System reduce pilot workload and provide greater situational awareness. The aircraft also has an advanced Aircraft Survivability Equipment suite that includes a Directional Infrared Countermeasures system that increases crew safety while allowing operations to be conducted in a wider range of threat environments.

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