Heading toward a hollow force?

There has been much talk in Ottawa about looming defence cutbacks. Massive in scale, it is rumored they will require major force structure changes and result in significantly less capable armed forces. These cuts, it is feared, will leave military forces unable to play the same role in the international sphere that they have to date, and will require...

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Beyond the Afghan numbers

Last October, the newly created Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) released The Fiscal Impact of the Canadian Mission in Afghanistan. The report produced some eye popping numbers, predicting that the mission will eventually cost Canadian taxpayers between $14 billion and $18 billion. The PBO’s estimates are the first official attempt to put a price tag on all components of the...

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The price of the Afghan mission

By February 2009, Canada’s military operation in Afghanistan will total $4.5 billion, including approximately $3 billion for operations in Kandahar since 2006. But that, says David Perry, one of the few academic experts to examine this subject, is just the tip of the iceberg when one factors in the toll on people and equipment, and the likelihood that the...

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