Airbus Military flight tests C295 winglets

Airbus Military has flight-tested winglets on its C295 medium transport and surveillance aircraft, the aircraft it is offering for Canada’s Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue program.

The winglets, short extensions to the wingtips of the aircraft, have the potential to improve performance in the take-off, climb and cruise phases of flight by increasing the lift-drag ratio, the company said, adding that possible in-service benefits include improved hot and high runway performance, increased range and endurance, and reduced operating costs.

The first flight test of the wingletted aircraft took place at Airbus Military’s Seville facility in Spain on 21 December. Data from that and future tests will be analyzed to determine if the winglets should be incorporated into the C295 design. Airbus Military says the potential modification is “one of a series of product developments” being considered for the C295.

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