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2030 Options for Canada

3rd Annual Conference

November 1, 2022 | 17.30 – 20.00 EST

Venue: National Arts Centre Rossy Pavillion
1 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON

November 2, 2022

7.30 – 17.00 EST

Venue: National Arts CentreCanada Room, South Section1 Elgin Street, Ottawa, ON



November 1, 2022

17:30 – 20:00


17:30 – 18:30

Keynote Speaker

Cmdre Jason Armstrong, MSM, CD, Director General Naval Force Development, Royal Canadian Navy

November 2, 2022

7:30 – 8:20

Registration, Breakfast & Networking  

8:20 – 8:30


Master of Ceremonies

Jake Jacobson, Director, Babcock Canada

8:30 – 9:00

Opening Keynote  

Darcy Byrtus, President, BMT

The complexities of submarine project delivery

9:00 – 9:40

Presentation 1

Combat systems integration what is the art of the possible for a future Canadian submarine?

The combat system is truly the heart of any Naval vessel, especially submarines.  It ensures a submarine can be operated safely and can sail underwater and undetected  for extended periods of time.  The system is key to sailors being able to get to their assigned operating areas, accomplish their mission and return home safely.  This presentation and the discussion will provide some considerations for Canada’s submarine  professionals on things to consider as they begin this important program as well as some lessons learned by Lockheed Martin on how to ensure the overall process results in a system that is both affordable and provides the operator community with the right pieces to best achieve success.

Jim Palmer, Chief Engineer
Lockheed Martin Rotary and Mission Systems-Undersea Warfare

9:40 – 10:20

Presentation 2

S80, next generation conventional submarine for CPSP

Navantia has a wide background in submarines since 1888 when Peral, the first successful full electric battery-powered submarine was built by the Spanish engineer and sailor Isaac Peral for the Spanish Navy in Navantia´s Cartagena shipyard.

Jaime Díaz, Director of Engineering, Navantia Shipyard of Cartagena

10:20 – 10:50

Networking Break

10:50 – 11:30

Presentation 3

More complex than a spacecraft – The role of integration in efficiently tailing a submarine
Submarines are among the most complex systems that exists on this earth. They are not only physically large but they are also extremely integrated. These naval systems are equally as complex as space systems – if not even more - due to the extended payload of combat systems and protection against weapon damage.
There is also no such thing as an “off the shelf” submarine. Built in small quantities to meet
highly specific and unique requirements, each submarine is carefully tailored for the customer. Therefore, it is inherently important that the designer and the customer have a common, clear understanding of the concept of operations and requirements for the platforms.

Dr. Mats Nordin, Director Naval Development, Saab Kockums

11:30 – 12:10

Presentation 4

Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems’ submarine product roadmap and future strategy
This presentation will describe and detail the technological developments and operational drivers in an increasing contested world. For Navies and their submarine forces this has serious implications: The development of new capabilities to respond to asymmetric threats remains unquestioned but the importance of the classic role and operational value of the submarine in the operational theatre have never been more important. The outlook will differentiate between sensors and armaments and show the resulting consequences for submarines from a naval architectural point of view.

Philipp Schön, Head of Product Sales Submarines, Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems GmbH

12:10 – 12:35

Presentation 5

IDEaS Program – Your innovation, our investment

IDEaS transforms defence and security challenges being faced by the various partners in DND/CAF like the Air Force, the Navy, Army, special forces and others into innovative solutions to improve Canada’s defence capabilities. Launched in 2018, the program has been given $1.6B over 20 years to deliver on its mandate.

Philippe Hébert, Director General of R&D Innovation, Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC)

12:35 – 13:30

Lunch & Networking

13:30 – 14:00

Luncheon keynote  

Vice-Admiral Angus Topshee, OMM, MSM, CD, Commander Royal Canadian Navy

The Canadian Patrol Submarine Project - 2030 options for Canada

14:00 – 14:25

Presentation 6

Anthony March, Vice President Engineering Service, Babcock Canada

Modularity: Opportunities for design, manufacture and support
Modular build has been broadly adopted in global submarine manufacturing, providing greater flexibility in manufacturing and maximizing use of unique infrastructure and resources. Using an engineering process framework, modular approaches to submarine design, build, integration, and support will be further explored, showing where opportunities exist from early-stage design through to manufacturing and into in-service support.

14:25 – 14:50

Presentation 7

Simulation-based evaluation of the impact of system automation on crew, procedures and training
The degree of automation in marine craft’s systems has increased over the past decades and will continue to do so. Technological advancements are driven by the need to increase operational capabilities and safety while reducing manning levels.

Robert Schaefer, PhD., Software Developer, Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH

14:50 – 15:20

Networking Break

15:20 – 16:20

Panel 1

Learning from Experience – Submarine Replacement

This panel will explore the submarine acquisition lessons and experiences of several countries through the eyes of those involved in the process.  Themes that will be touched upon during the discussion will include National Sovereignty/ Security implications as it relates to build approach; Capability cost, schedule and platform transition considerations; partner collaboration successes or challenges experienced during the Acquisition process; and the key decisions during the procurement cycle that affected Affordability and drove cost.

Chris Earl, Vice President, Project Delivery, Seaspan, Victoria Shipyards


RAdm Rowan Moffitt, AO, RAN (Ret’d)

Capt(N) Carlos Blamey, Chilean Navy (Ret'd)

16:20 – 16:30

Closing Remarks