3,500 Canadian troops in high readiness training

2013 Promethean Ram exercises. Photos By LT(N) Tony Wright and Master Corporal David L. McVeigh, Army Integrated Communications.

Some 3,soldiers from the Canadian Army’s 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (1 CMBG) will take part in Exercise Promethean Ram in Wainwright, Alberta, from April 6 to May 5, 2016.

This training is an important component of operational preparations for the Edmonton and Shilo-based military personnel.

Promethean Ram is a live-fire exercise that verifies the Brigade’s offensive and defensive combat capabilities in a deployed environment. It involves artillery, armour, engineer, infantry, tactical helicopter, logistical, and medical components training by day and by night.

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“Exercise Promethean Ram is critical to preparing our soldiers for the full spectrum of operational tasks. The exercise’s challenging live-fire training will enhance the fundamental soldier skills of our troops, build their warrior spirit, and increase their confidence with the Brigade’s weapons systems,” said Brigadier-General Trevor Cadieu, Commander, 1 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group.

He said Soldiers of 1 CMBG will emerge from this demanding exercise as a highly cohesive team, having refined their battlefield skills, synchronized their combined arms effects, and expanded confidence in their weapon systems.

Exercise Promethean Ram is a key step in the Canadian Army’s preparation for Exercise Maple Resolve 16 and the “Road to High Readiness” training program, which prepares soldiers for domestic or expeditionary deployments, as mandated by the Government of Canada.

Maple Resolve is the pinnacle of the Army’s yearly training. Hosted by the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre in Wainwright, Alberta, and taking place from May 12 to June 17, 2016, it is the final validation exercise before a Task Force is declared ready to deploy on either domestic or international operations.


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