Canadian Rangers on snowmobile expedition

Members of the 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group (2 CRPG) on Monday embarked on a 500-kilometre journey over Quebec’s frozen expanse southeast of James Bay as part of a military exercise.

This unique Nordic expedition called the Exercise Aqikgik, will demonstrate the operational abilities of the Canadian Rangers, the vitality of the Junior Canadian Rangers and the importance of maintaining intergenerational cohesion between the two groups, according to the Canadian Armed Forces.

The first of six teams, consisting of six Canadian Rangers from 2 CRPG, today began its journey to achieve Kuujjuarapik, one of more than 500 kilometers.

The expedition by snowmobile also aims to highlight the 70th anniversary of the Canadian Rangers and is part of the 150th anniversary of Canada operations. It will conduct a passage in the 35 communities where the patrols are based on 2 CRPG in the North Du-Québec and the Lower North Shore.

“Exercise Aqikgik 2017 is a unique training opportunity for the Canadian Rangers to demonstrate their expertise and professionalism and to the Junior Canadian Rangers to demonstrate their pride and involvement in the community,” according to Lt. Col. Bruno Plourde, commanding officer of the 2nd Canadian Ranger Patrol Group. “Each region of the area of operation of the 2 CRPG is represented by the Canadian Rangers in the expedition teams and snowmobile community where each is based on patrol will be visited by a team during the expedition.”

In 2017, the Canadian Armed Forces will celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Canadian Rangers. Exercise Aqikgik is an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to conduct national security and emergency preparedness missions in Canada’s isolated and sparsely populated northern regions.

Canadian Rangers are the eyes and ears of the military in isolated, coastal and sparsely populated areas of northern Canada. They provide self-sufficient mobile forces with light equipment to support operations in Canada and protect Canada’s sovereignty.

“This unique exercise not only demonstrates the ability and operational knowledge of the Canadian Rangers and the vitality of the Canadian Junior Rangers program, but also the complementarity and collaboration between the Canadian Army and Northern communities -Québec and the Lower North Shore, which provide unwavering support,” said Brig. Gen. Luis De Sousa, Deputy Commanding Officer of the 2nd Division of Canada and Joint Task Force (East).

Author: Nestor Arellano

Nestor Arellano is editor of Vanguard Magazine. Nestor is a seasoned journalist who has written extensively on defence and military industry issues as well as technology and business developments. He is also associate editor of Vanguard's sister publication, IT in Canada.

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