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CAE to upgrade CP-140 full flight sim

CAE has been awarded a contract to perform a visual system update on the Royal Canadian Air Force’s CP-140 full-flight simulator (FFS). The upgrade will include the latest generation CAE Medallion-6000 image generator and a new display system. In addition, CAE will be implementing the Common Database architecture capability on the CP-140 FFS to enhance [...]

DND formalizes space partnership

On Monday, National Defence signed a memorandum of understanding with Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom that will see the four countries share space-related information and resources. Known as the Combined Space Operations Initiative, the MOU formalizes an existing partnership among the four defence departments and will encourage closer cooperation on a range [...]

Cianfarani named CADSI president

Christyn Cianfarani has been appointed president of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries, replacing Tim Page, who departed this summer to become vice president of government relations for Seaspan Shipyards. Cianfarani, until recently the director of advanced training solutions and government relations at CAE, steps in at a time when the Canadian defence [...]



Photo - HMNZS Hawea
If you build them, will they come (man them)?

Defense News reported in August that New Zealand is considering cutting its inshore patrol vessel (IPV) fleet by half, to two ships, despite the vessels having been commissioned in 2009 and still having that new-ship smell. Wellington is exploring the possibility of selling two of the IPVs and replacing them with a single longer range [...]

Greg Fyffe
Vladimir Putin, Russia and the Ukraine: The analyst’s dilemma

Intelligence analysts are aware of many barriers to accurate analysis. Capability is not intent. Attempts to logically examine the motives and actions of an actor are distorted by cultural differences. The danger of mirror imaging frustrates rational analysis. Forecasting a target’s likely next step is a casino game if his or her assumptions are inaccessible, [...]


Focus On: Next-Gen Fighter


Super Hornet: A better fit for Canada’s operating environment?

A report released earlier this week by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives once again raises concerns about the reliability of a single engine in Canada’s replacement for the CF-18 fighter aircraft. In “One Dead Pilot: Single-Engine F-35 a Bad Choice for Canada’s Arctic,” Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law [...]

Typhoon pitches proven capability and cost

In mid-March, as the Eurofighter Typhoon prepared to mark the 20th anniversary of its maiden flight, executives from the European consortium were in Ottawa to remind the government that although the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter might look good on paper and in testing, they have an operations-proven option that can meet Canada’s varied needs. The [...]

Photo - F-35A web
The Joint Strike Fighter: Driven by data

Talking in detail about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter requires verbal dexterity. Many of the aircraft’s features are classified, so inadvertently revealing a number or the full capabilities of a sensor carry a heavy price. “Leavenworth [prison] is such a terrible place to be,” Stephen O’Bryan says with a rueful smile as he pauses yet [...]