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John Adams
Declining trust in intelligence agencies suggests need for oversight

The introduction of Bill C-51, the federal government’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation, has renewed calls for greater oversight of Canada’s intelligence agencies. At present, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s activities are reviewed by the Security Intelligence Review Committee while a lone commissioner oversees the work of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE). For the past decade, however, [...]

Jason Kenney
Government seeks supplementary funding for Op Impact

Shortly after Defence Minister Jason Kenney delivered his first address in his new role, to a full room at the annual Conference of Defence Associations Institute symposium, he tabled Supplementary Estimates in the House of Commons requesting an estimated $139.6 million for ongoing military operations. The request included $122 million for Operation Impact in Iraq [...]

L-3 WESCAM EO/IR turret finds UAE customer

L-3 WESCAM has received an order from IOMAX USA for 28 MX-15D electro-optical/infrared (EO/IR) imaging and designating turrets. The Burlington, Ontario-based company’s MX-15Ds, which will be fitted to a fleet of IOMAX Archangel turboprop aircraft, will assist close air support and armed border patrol missions for an undisclosed customer within the United Arab Emirates. Deliveries [...]


Greg Fyffe
The implications of a new intelligence environment

The focus of the 2014-15 CASIS conference was a comparison of the geopolitical ambitions, and intelligence systems, of Russia and China, with a reflection on the evolution of western intelligence systems. Jennifer Sims, a Senior Fellow for Intelligence with the Chicago Council on Foreign Affairs and the keynote speaker, is writing a book on intelligence [...]

Eric Jacksch
Cyber security predictions for 2015

2015 promises to be an interesting year in cyber security. I’d like to offer some predictions. Global Surveillance and Privacy New revelations about global surveillance will continue to generate debate in 2015. The vast number of documents provided by Snowden will keep journalists busy for some time to come. So far the material has focused [...]

Focus On: Technology

TECC3 Blue Force Tracking
Securing the self-organizing network

It is clear that perfect cyber security does not exist and that centralized communications hubs can be vulnerable to attacks. But scientists have been moving closer to a potential solution while trying to answer one of nature’s riddles: “How does a school of fish defend itself from a shark attack?” Like many seemingly complex natural [...]

Chuck Black
A silver bullet for water treatment

Water purification and treatment technology developed specifically for power plants, commercial buildings, hospitals and other sensitive military and civilian installations may be finding a new set of military and shipbuilding applications. Silver Bullet Water Treatment Company, a mostly Canadian owned tech SME, with offices in Charlottetown, Ottawa, Toronto, and Denver, originally developed its innovative technology [...]

RQ-4 Block 10 Global Hawk
Resolving Canada’s fighter jet dilemma: Are drones and missiles the answer?

Ottawa appears committed to purchasing (medium range) fifth generation fighter aircraft to defend Canadian sovereignty and to contribute to overseas operations in a support capacity. However, in the absence of a genuine defence review – and one that explicitly identifies conventional and non-conventional threats to Canada’s national security – it is difficult to comprehend what [...]