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Harris awarded contract for tactical radios

Harris Corporation confirmed last week a four-year, $180 million IDIQ contract to supply the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) with its Falcon III tactical radios, including the AN/PRC-152A wideband handheld radio, AN/PRC-117G wideband manpack radio, and the RF-7800H high-frequency manpack radio. The radios are being provided under a National Individual Standing Offer and will be available [...]

Viking president to chair AIAC

David Curtis will serve as chairman of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada for the next year. The president and CEO of Viking Air was elected to chair the association’s board of directors during its annual aerospace summit this week. He succeeds Barry Kohler, president of Bell Helicopter Textron Canada. In his outgoing address, Kohler [...]

Protecting Baltic air sovereignty

On September 1, four CF-188s began patrolling the skies over the three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia as part of a 10-year NATO mission known as Baltic Air Policing (BAP). The deployment is the first time Canada has participated in the BAP mission – the Royal Canadian Air Force deployed five fighter jets [...]



Paul Robinson
Explaining Ukraine’s defeat

On 24 August 2014, troops of the rebel Donetsk People’s Republic launched an offensive south of the city of Donetsk in Eastern Ukraine. They rapidly tore a huge hole in the defences of the Ukranian Army, surrounded some 4,000-5,000 Ukrainian troops, and advanced southwards towards the city of Mariupol. Facing catastrophe, the Ukrainian government sued [...]

Greg Fyffe
Studying intelligence adversaries

This year’s CASIS Symposium, to be held January 23, 2015 in Ottawa, will compare western intelligence systems with those of Russia and China. Intelligence advantage depends on secrecy, yet the subject has stimulated a broad and deep literature. Intelligence is intrinsically fascinating and closely linked with compelling international struggles. Of all the government disciplines it [...]


Focus On: Next-Gen Fighter

RQ-4 Block 10 Global Hawk
Resolving Canada’s fighter jet dilemma: Are drones and missiles the answer?

Ottawa appears committed to purchasing (medium range) fifth generation fighter aircraft to defend Canadian sovereignty and to contribute to overseas operations in a support capacity. However, in the absence of a genuine defence review – and one that explicitly identifies conventional and non-conventional threats to Canada’s national security – it is difficult to comprehend what [...]

Super Hornet: A better fit for Canada’s operating environment?

A report released earlier this week by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives once again raises concerns about the reliability of a single engine in Canada’s replacement for the CF-18 fighter aircraft. In “One Dead Pilot: Single-Engine F-35 a Bad Choice for Canada’s Arctic,” Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law [...]

Typhoon pitches proven capability and cost

In mid-March, as the Eurofighter Typhoon prepared to mark the 20th anniversary of its maiden flight, executives from the European consortium were in Ottawa to remind the government that although the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter might look good on paper and in testing, they have an operations-proven option that can meet Canada’s varied needs. The [...]