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IRCO Automation
Textron taps IRCO for US Navy ship work

Burlington-based IRCO Automation will be providing major components to the U.S. Navy’s new Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC). The contract with Textron Systems, builders of the USN's next generation amphibious connector craft to move personnel, equipment and vehicles, is part of a larger effort by Textron to fulfill its Industrial Regional Benefits obligations on the Tactical Armoured [...]

RAdm David Gale
Difficult decisions: Shipbuilding and cost-capability tradeoffs

As one of the U.S. Defense Department's largest acquisition organizations, Program Executive Office, Ships, oversees the design and construction of destroyers, amphibious ships, special mission and support ships, as well as a wide range of boats and craft for U.S. agencies and foreign military sales. The office has a mandate to drive "affordability into shipbuilding [...]

L-3 delivers DRDC laser beam director

L-3 Integrated Optical Systems Brashear has delivered a high-energy laser beam director to Defence Research and Development Canada to enhance its mobile characterization and development laboratory. In a news release last week, L-3 said it had "worked closely with leading scientists at DRDC to design and build a ruggedized HEL [high energy laser] BD [beam [...]



Eric Jacksch
Held for ransom

Cybercriminals have developed an alarming new business model that is working. Even police forces are falling victim. Since the 1970s, malware has evolved from a mere annoyance to a criminal industry. Malware developers profit by selling tools to build botnets, steal information, and spy on users. The discovery of CryptoLocker in September 2013 marked a [...]

Greg Fyffe
Who will interrogate returned foreign fighters?

The Senate Intelligence Committee Report on Torture generated acrid debate in the United States over interrogation methods. In Canada, coverage was brief. No one here advocates torture as an acceptable approach to dealing with terrorism. Some commentators mentioned the ability of CSIS to consider information that may have been obtained through torture. CSIS needs to [...]


Focus On: Technology

Nicole Verkindt
Time to execute on value propositions

"Read a book a month" was my modest resolution in January 2014. And as 2014 wrapped up, as I was cramming four books into the last week of December, the Canadian defence industry received its much anticipated “gift” from the government, the Value Proposition Guide. The guide, which serves as the playbook for how prime [...]

Rune Lausten aligns a laser system that generates ultra-fast, ultra-intense pulses used to control quantum systems.
Game-changers: Next-generation quantum technologies

Canada has an enviable history of strength in photonics research and technology development, with an international reputation and advanced research facilities that continue to attract some of the brightest minds. Ottawa is the birthplace of several groundbreaking communication technologies, including fibre Bragg gratings (FBGs) and the foundations of coherent optical communication. It is home to [...]

TECC3 Blue Force Tracking
Securing the self-organizing network

It is clear that perfect cyber security does not exist and that centralized communications hubs can be vulnerable to attacks. But scientists have been moving closer to a potential solution while trying to answer one of nature’s riddles: "How does a school of fish defend itself from a shark attack?" Like many seemingly complex natural [...]