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SAR exercise in Peru tests transportability of Cormorants

The Canadian Armed Forces began participation in Exercise COOPERACIÓN III over the weekend, a two-week multinational response to a simulated natural disaster in southern Peru which will necessitate an air operation involving search and rescue and humanitarian aid delivery. Hosted by Peru, the exercise involves 13 countries from the System of Cooperation among the Air [...]

FELLFAB strikes strategic alliance with Granite Gear

Hamilton-based FELLFAB and Granite Gear of Minnesota have struck a strategic alliance that will see FELLFAB as sole licensed maker, manufacturer and distributor of Granite Gear’s load carriage systems in Canada. The two companies plan to share technology to jointly designed and developed products for Canadian military applications and other trades. In a press release, [...]

ING Robotics turns to FLIR solutions

ING Robotic Aviation has selected FLIR Systems products to develop robotic aircraft for aerial industrial infrared inspections and visual gas leak detection. FLIR cameras and gas detection filters will allow ING’s unmanned systems to locate hydrocarbon gas leaks from the air on pipelines, rail cars, marine vessels and more. FLIR inspection software provides analysis of [...]


Strengthening Southern Ontario’s aerospace and defence sector

Southern Ontario is home to a dynamic and innovative aerospace and defence industry, situated in the heart of Canada’s strongest and most diverse technology-based industrial and commercial business region. Our government recognizes the importance of this sector and is working to support its growth. As part of a whole-of-government approach to defence procurement, the Federal [...]

Why strategic Canadian defence procurement is good for Canada

The benefits of strategic Canadian defence procurement to Canada can and should be significantly higher if Canada treats its defence procurements and Canadian defence industrial sector more strategically. The first two benefits are fundamental needs for Canada’s population – namely sovereignty and security. Sovereignty refers to the ability of Canada to act completely independently of [...]

Focus On: Next-Gen Fighter


The Super Hornet economic return

As the U.S. Department of Defence prepares its final budget recommendations for 2014, there is considerable speculation about the long-term future of the Boeing F/A-18 Super Hornet and EA-18G Growler, both of which are expected to complete their current production run in 2016. But Boeing is talking up the value proposition it brings to the [...]

The value of a JSF deal

The government may have received the options analysis from the National Fighter Procurement Secretariat, but it has yet to indicate whether it will proceed with the acquisition of the Joint Strike Fighter or hold an open competition. Not surprisingly, Lockheed Martin has been making the government and Canadians aware of what is at stake if [...]

Photo - Super Hornet
The Super Hornet approach to technology insertion

While Lockheed Martin has made much of the generational leap in technology that the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter represents, Boeing has taken a more incremental approach to the F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, its offering for Canada’s next fighter aircraft. Speaking at the Canadian Aerospace Summit in Ottawa this fall, Dennis Muilenburg, president and chief executive officer [...]