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GDLS signs LAV deal with Peru

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada has secured another international contract for a variant of its Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV). Following deals in the last 18 months with Colombia and Saudi Arabia, the London, Ontario-based firm was awarded a US$67 million contract by the Peruvian Ministry of Defence for 32 personnel carrier variants based on the LAV [...]

ING, ASG partner on UAS project

ING Robotic Aviation, formerly ING Engineering, has partnered with ASG Mapping to assess and develop the small robotic aircraft for the commercial sector. The new project – the two companies have worked together in the past – is aimed at gathering high quality, positionally accurate, and interoperable geospatial data with advanced sensors for such sectors [...]

C-130J training amended

The federal government has amended a 2009 contract with Montreal-based CAE to align training with upgrades to the CC-130J aircraft. Although the RCAF just accepted the final of 17 J-model Hercules from Lockheed Martin in May 2012, the air force is improving navigation, communication, and maintenance capabilities for the fleet. As a result, the original [...]


Ken Hansen
Opening a dialogue on the tradeoffs

There is a lot of speculative talk going on about what the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy will produce, when the ships will arrive and what capabilities they will embody. Rather than rely on second-hand information, the Centre for Foreign Policy Studies invited representatives from industry, government and academia to Dalhousie University in June for a [...]

Jez Littlewood
Foreign fighters: The Canadian connection

Over the course of 2013 the problem of foreign fighters emerged as one of the primary national security concerns among Western democracies. The first half of 2014 has provided evidence of some of these travellers, as Canadian authorities refer to them, returning to their homes and planning or conducting attacks. In the United Kingdom, media [...]

Focus On: Next-Gen Fighter


Super Hornet: A better fit for Canada’s operating environment?

A report released earlier this week by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives once again raises concerns about the reliability of a single engine in Canada’s replacement for the CF-18 fighter aircraft. In “One Dead Pilot: Single-Engine F-35 a Bad Choice for Canada’s Arctic,” Michael Byers, Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law [...]

Typhoon pitches proven capability and cost

In mid-March, as the Eurofighter Typhoon prepared to mark the 20th anniversary of its maiden flight, executives from the European consortium were in Ottawa to remind the government that although the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter might look good on paper and in testing, they have an operations-proven option that can meet Canada’s varied needs. The [...]

Photo - F-35A web
The Joint Strike Fighter: Driven by data

Talking in detail about the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter requires verbal dexterity. Many of the aircraft’s features are classified, so inadvertently revealing a number or the full capabilities of a sensor carry a heavy price. “Leavenworth [prison] is such a terrible place to be,” Stephen O’Bryan says with a rueful smile as he pauses yet [...]